Live Minute

Live Minutes is a free hosting site for webinars. All you have to do is get on and it will give you a spot for your meeting. You can have whoever you want to join your meeting. Live Minutes lets you talk and communicate with whoever you would like. It also has a whiteboard for drawing. You can also upload images and documents for others to see and to revise. It will also let you upload and share videos during your webinar as well.


Educational Skype

Educational Skype – Skype in the Classroom

                Educational Skype is just a Skype used in the classroom. It always students to interact with other classmates and their teachers. It also allows them to interact and talk to people all over the world. If they were learning about something in Paris, they could Skype someone there in the classroom and talk to them over the computer. It lets them interact with the world without having to leave the classroom. It gives students the opportunity to learn more about the outside world and people and places they are not familiar with. It would really be good for the foreign language classrooms so they can talk to people in the area they are studying. The area that it would be under in Bloom’s Taxonomy would be knowledge. It has to do with people, videos/filmstrips. It also says that it has to do with locate, label, and identify.



Screenr is a web-based screen recorder and screen captures that makes it easy to share your screen casts to the public and everyone around the web. It captures short videos on your screen and allows the user to put it on the web for anyone to see it, the maximum length is five minutes. It can record on a Mac, PC, and IPhone. It is quick and easy to upload your video of your recorded screen. It is good for education because it is an quick communication tool so students can communicate with one another and the teacher. It is a quick demo for special features and it answers questions, so students would be able to use it for that feature as well.  Synthesis would be the category it is under in Bloom’s Tax because it is an example of a production for a unique communications, a plan, a and proposed set of operations.