New Technology


      I think laptops are going to be the most beneficial technology. Everyone is used to having a computer that sits in one room and if you need to use it you have to go to it. In schools, teachers may have limited computer time or space. If every kid had a laptop there would be no waste of time going to a computer lab or a library. Students can do thier homework or look up anything in their classroom seat by the use of their computers. With laptops students have the oppertunity to use them whenever and where ever. I think as a teacher it will make assignments easier because all students have a laptops and access to the internet. Also, now a days most teachers post grades and assignments online and if every kid had a laptop they could access that easier. Plus teachers can put their notes and worksheets online making it easier for them and the students.It would also make note taking faster and easier. Also by using laptops it can help make the students more comportable with technology which can help them in thier future career.


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