Blog Post Two – Why Educators Blog

Embedded image permalinkGeroge Courso. He blogs because he thinks it could really help the students with learning as well as him being a better teacher. He said that he does it because it personally helps him with what he does, reads, and helps him reflect on things.       Link:

Mrs. Kathy Cassidy. She blogs because believes that it makes the students have worldwide audiences.She says that with blogging the students can see themselves as writers because they have others reading what they wrote and they can comment on it.        Link:

Greg Laden. He is a science teacher whos uses blogs for web carnivals (looking at plants) and finding and sharing links with his students. He says that you can use the blog post yourself by learning and adapting with the students by what they my write.      Link:

 When I become a teacher I think blogging will be a good way to connect with the students. It will give the students the oppertunity to write what they feel and what  they need to express. It might be better for those students who don’t speak up in the classroom and it gives everyone an equal oppertunity. Also, I think it is a good and new way for students to learn and it may be exciting for them because they may not of done it before so it may interest them more than the regualr things teachers do. I also think I, being a teacher, can learn from it too. I can learn from the students and beome a better all around teacher.


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